2016 Highlights March 7, 2020

February 12. The dead of what turned out to be a fairly warm and not-so-snowy winter. Fall Brook, looking south from the Buckley Road bridge.
February 27. These hikers should have encountered frozen, not liquid, water cascading over the falls.
March 19. In early spring we offer an opportunity to build your own bluebird nesting box.
April 16. Donna Clark caught a big one on the opening day of trout season.
April 16. The first day of trout season is also always Chainsaw Day at Salt Springs. We enlist volunteers to help us turn downed trees into firewood for campers.
April 23. Trail Day—another tradition at Salt Springs. Volunteers get this park ready for the season by cleaning everything from flower beds to barn rafters!
April 30. Julie Lewis solicited a $1,000 donation from Leatherstocking to pay for materials to repair the boardwalk along Hemlock Trail. She then solicited volunteers from the Women in Shale Energy and the Society of Petroleum Engineers groups at Lackawanna College to do the work. Thank you, Julie!
May 14. Bird watching and recording in the campgrounds and elsewhere in the park, doing our part for the annual North American Migration Count.
June 9. Master Gardeners established 12 x 12 foot 1840s-1860s kitchen garden on the west side of the Wheaton House this spring. Plantings included hollyhocks, Jenny Lind melons, Snow White carrots, and scarlet runner beans. Compare with September's view, below, to see how much it prospered!
July 23. John Brunner, retired Ross Park zookeeper, demonstrates the nasty, but nonpoisonous, behavior of the common black water snake.
August 12. The Celtic Martins performed at Salt Springs again this summer. This multitalented family from southeastern Pennsylvania plays traditional Irish tunes.
August 15. A luscious rainy afternoon.
August 27. Meet Angela White, on her way to becoming Mrs. Angela Carr. She's standing at the top of the "bridal stairs" we put in a couple of years ago so wedding-goers wouldn't have to walk up a usually muddy incline between the parking lot and the pavilion.
September 3. The kitchen garden three months later. No stone walking path visible now!
September 3, annual Celebration. Meet Eddie! Eddie Smith owns Body & Soul Massage Therapy, with offices in Vestal, NY, and Clarks Summit, PA. He offered massages at the Celebration this year and donated all his proceeds from the day, nearly $500! Thank you, Eddie!
September 3, annual Celebration. World War II soldier Dana Darling joined Civil War soldier Brian Schwartz this year.
September 3, annual Celebration. Another new fundraiser at the Celebration this year—local quilters made and raffled off this gorgeous quilt on our behalf. Thank you, ladies!
October 8–10. We were part of the Artists Open House Weekend this year. It started here 20 years ago.
October 16. Milkweed is the only plant monarch caterpillars will eat, and the rapid loss of milkweed has led to a steep drop in monarch populations. We made milkweed mud balls to help scatter milkweed seeds.
October 19. After a warmish winter and a sunny, dry summer, we had a stunning autumn.
October 25. At our annual membership meeting, Donna Foster was honored as our Volunteer of the Year, along with her good friend Betty Marshall.
October 25. At our annual membership meeting, Donna Foster was honored as our Volunteer of the Year, along with her good friend Betty Marshall.
November 8. Doe are often seen, buck not so much.
December 7. Looking up Fall Brook gorge. Stunning.
December 14. Some people prefer winter camping—no annoying mosquitoes or humans to have to deal with!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all your Friends at Salt Springs Park.