Grotto Picnic Area

In 2014, Chris Ricci spearheaded the enhancements to this area, as explained in the plaque in the first photo. It is one of the most popular spots in the day-use area for small gatherings of many kinds.


This plaque acknowledges the many volunteers and businesses that supported the project.

Finished project

Nine years later, this area is changed. Mother Nature swept away many feet of the Fall Brook bank (far left), but it is still lovely and oft-used.

Leveling the Land

First was to clear the land of lumps and bumps.

Site Prep

Work included trimming back and mulching low-hanging limbs.

The Gang

These scouts and their dads made a lasting impression here that benefits all park visitors.


In phase two, Rusty Ely leveled the ground, laid the gravel walk and fieldstone, and sowed grass where it had been disturbed.


Volunteer Corey Hollister solicited the materials and built the picnic tables.


Not a day passed before the tables were used. Fourth graders taking our E3 course are learning about streams from Jay Harter.


This marker explains some of the historical significance of the site.