Celebration 2009 March 7, 2020

Tap dancing, courtesy of Bob Lippi, his shoes, and his dance floor. By JP.
Michaela Steele coordinates children's nature activities. This year kids made bug catchers and investigated some of the smallest critters at the park. By JP.
By JP.
Kids made boats and floated them down Fall Brook Creek. From Kathy Blaisure.
Llama owner and trainer Dennis Wilson constructed a llama obstacle course. By GS.
The Historical Committee coordinated historical games, toys, and races. This young lady makes walking on stilts look easy. By JP.
Children of all ages played croquet. By GS.
And the game of Graces (created in the 1830s to help young ladies develop gracefulness). With wands, two players toss a be-ribboned hoop back and forth through the air. By JP.
Some built masterpieces with real Lincoln logs. By JP.
Kids are creative, you know, and don't need structured activities to have fun! By JP.
Despite all the activities going on, no one forgot to eat. What a line! Every year John and Marian Miskell coordinate the food tent. New this year were muffins and coffee in the morning and side salads and George Schreck's chili for lunch. By GS.
The Wheaton House front porch was our stage. Here, duo Tom Quigley & Marie Shaver (left) are joined by Rob Siegers.
The Fine Companions, Cheryl Spiese, Lee Shepherd, Julian Shepherd, and Charlene Thomson.

Seamus O'Ceallaigh of Psychedelic Irish.

Earle Wootton, founder of The Community Foundation.