Honoring Our Rural Heritage March 7, 2020

This display featured "what is it?" items. Can you identify the dibble, soldering iron, and bootjack? (most items from the John McKeage Collection)
Other displays included shoemaking (most items from the Vince Homer Collection)
Weaving on a rug loom.
Spinning wool.
And a replica of a grange, set up by members of Fairdale Grange 1157.
Complete with old record books.
Hands-on activities included shelling corn . . .
and boring holes with this augur press.
Other chores included washing clothes (photo by d.a.).
And planting corn.
The front lawn and front porch offered old-time toys and games: Jacob's ladder, game of Graces, horseshoes, cup and ball, and many more...
including the buzz saw...
and yo-yo.
Every farm, of course, has animals, such as sheep.
Here at Salt Springs, we have llamas, too. Because they are not your typical farm animal, our llamas are used to being the objects of much attention and grab every opportunity to get their pictures taken!