The Art and Science of Beekeeping

Honey bees are amazing insects, with a very complex social structure and the ability to make delicious honey. They are now threatened with extinction from an elusive disorder that could drastically affect our own food supply. In June 2008, Matt Purdy, Amateur Beekeeper and Resource Conservationist, led a workshop on the fascinating world of the honey bee.

Thank you Leonor Maston for the photographs!

Matt shows a comb full of honey.

The comb is made of beeswax.

Matt looks through the brood comb to see if it needs to be replaced.

Wax moths have invaded this old comb.

In a beekeeper's hive, wooden frames hold the honeycombs.

Male "drones" are slightly larger than female "field" bees.

The veil protects the beekeeper's face from stings.

The smoker is an important tool for controlling the colony's reaction to the beekeeper.