Trail Days March 7, 2020


Stocking up on firewood is a priority. Jim Kessler took down dead trees in the campground.

Splitting Firewood

Logs were sawn up and hauled to the back of the dairy barn. Paula Mack and Tom Stoll split them into firewood.

Stacking Firewood

The wood is then carried into the barn and stacked. We sell lots to campers over the summer.


Maureen Hoover cleaned and organized the Wheaton House basement.

Raking Leaves

After that, Maureen joined Bruce Roberts in clearning the bank of leaves. Others raked the lawns and beds.

More Cleaning

Kim Henry gave the Wheaton House a thorough dusting.

Major Recycling

This year we filled bagsters with decades of junk from the barn and sorted more into wood and metal piles for burning and recycling.

Taming Wild Roses

Sam Spero clipped back rose bushes along the road and paths in the campground.

Chowing Down!

Food, drinks, and a T-shirt are provided free to all volunteers.