Williams Pavilion March 15, 2020

Members of local Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints churches volunteered their time and effort to build our pavilion. The Williams Companies donated all the materials.

Laying Boundaries, 2014

Work began in early June 2014, when the boundaries were laid out.

Greg Liggett, Project Manager

Greg made sure the pavilion was square and soundly built.

Breaking Ground

Jack Rosencrans dug the trenches for the footers.

First Comes the Footers

Volunteers placing sonotubes, to be filled with concrete. By TL.

Setting Posts

Steve Spero (center), board president, worked with the LDS volunteers to set the posts. We are grateful to Steve for having the vision, soliciting all the funds and volunteers needed, and ensuring the job was completed to specs.

Progress with the Posts

The volunteers worked many long days over the summer... By TL.

Attaching the Beams

By TL.

Working on the Roof

Note the long sloping side. It is designed for solar panels. By TL.


The shell is complete. By TL.

Next Comes the Metal Roof

The green roofing material matches the farmhouse roofs.

Nearing Completion

The last boards were placed in September.